The best is born here
The Sociedade Agrícola Quinta de Santa Eugénia, created in 1996, is located in Alijó county, in the Cima Corgo - one of the three Douro Sub-Regions - specifically in Santa Eugénia village, which lies about 40 km from Vila Real, 30 km from Pinhão and ca 150 km from Porto.

Though the company was only established in 1996, the Quinta de Santa Eugénia – the “umbrella” name to designate a set of eight vineyards (ca 2 he each) – has been in the same family for three generations. Therefore, viticulture and the production of wine have been active for many decades -originally with the production of Port wine, and later with the production of handcrafted wine, sold locally, which obtained 1st and 2nd place medals in several contests promoted by Casa do Douro* in the 1980s and 90s (*Casa do Douro was founded in 1932 as the official body to regulate the market and represent the interests of Douro's Demarcated Wine Region winegrowers).

All vineyards are set on terraces where the soil is a transition from schist to granite. Temperatures can be very high during the Summer and even in harvest time.

The diversity of these soils has allowed us to plant differentiated vineyards for the production of still wines, sparkling wines, Ports and Moscatel.

Currently, our portfolio includes Chão da Portela and Rapa Lobos brands.
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