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Rapa Lobos Concept

RAPALOBOS is our “rock-and-roll”, happy-go-lucky and youthful brand.

In cases of 6 – each with a different label – (6 red and 6 white), the labels' evocative imagery can easily arouse animated conversation at table with friends. Is it not true that “a picture paints a thousand words”? Part of the concept comes from this aphorism. Just like the ever-present wish to create an innovative, positive and unmistakable brand.

RAPALOBOS is also the name of one “quinta” under the umbrella of Quinta de Santa Eugénia. Given that it is a name composed from two words (RAPA + LOBOS) which are set out on the label design vertically and opposite to each other, people started to play with bottles turning them upside down trying to read the brand’s name, or only reading half of it, smiling at the marketing which has “the nerve” to place images upside-down…

This playful attitude led to labels with casual imagery and funny phrases, placed laterally, inspired by the book “Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are”, by C.J. Frick (2018). Mostly VERY “unlikely” phrases, with an ironic twist.

RAPALOBOS is a brand used by Quinta de Santa Eugénia’s (red, still and rosé wine), which can also be requested by clients looking for a tailormade wine.

Rapalobos is all this .... and everything else!
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